Bitci Baskonia (BKN)

BKN is generated on Bitcichain

  • Price: 0.051 TRY
  • Market Cap: 1,494,440 TRY
  • Circulation: 29,302,700 BKN
  • Total Supply: 94,302,700 BKN
  • Dead: 5,697,300 BKN
  • Max Supply: 100,000,000 BKN
  • Coin Id: 112

Bitci Baskonia Fan Token is the BRC-20 smart contract designed to revolutionize fan experiences. With Token, Bitci Baskonia provides fans with the opportunity to participate in special surveys and events, create digital collections, purchase NFTs, enjoy gamification and mission features related to fan rewards, missions and great experiences.

BKN, Bitci Baskonia Bitci Technology Fan Token can be used in the following functions.

Survey and Events

BKN Token holders can participate in Paid and Free Surveys or Events on the Bitci Fan Token Platform.

Loyalty Subscription

BKN Token holders will be able to use Bitci Baskonia Tokens to receive fan rewards, digital collectibles, loyalty points and more.


BKN Token can be included in Bitci Baskonia’s potential future e-commerce ecosystem, used as payment for shopping payments, products, tickets, memberships and more using BitciPay or FanApp.


BKN Token holders interact with Bitci Baskonia on the Bitci Fan Token Platform, including signed products, to meet and greet one of the players or legends, one-on-one phone calls, entrance to the locker room, watching matches in VIP or similar areas, signed official products, limited edition collectibles, etc. . can take advantage of the benefits.

Games and Quests

BKN Token holders will have access to multiple missions and gamification features on the Bitci Fan Token Platform.


BKN Token holders will be able to donate directly to their favorite team and receive loyalty badges or nft in return.

BKN Token is issued on Bitcichain as a native BRC-20 token and provides Bitci Baskonia fans with wider accessibility, more functionality and low cost transactions.

BKN Token Maximum Amount and Total Token Supply is 100,000,000. At the time of listing, its circulating supply is 35,000,000 units. (it will be 35% of the total token supply.).

What is BKN Token?

  • Bitci Baskonia Token (BKN) is a BRC-20 smart contract built on Bitcichain.
  • BKN Token offers its fans the opportunity to participate in surveys and events, enjoy games and quests linked to digital collectibles, NFT purchases, fan rewards or great experiences.
  • BKN Token provides E-Commerce opportunity by being included in the potential ecosystem of Bitci Baskonia in the future.
  • It enables Voting, Donation, Exclusive Videos and more.
  • Bitci Fan Tokens strengthen the bond between team and fans by giving fans new ways to interact and grow with their favorite teams.

Highlights of the Project

Blockchain Framework: The Bitci Baskonia Token is built on Bitcichain as a native BRC-20 Token. This provides fans with a wide range of token functions with greater accessibility and lower costs.

Token Utility: Bitci Baskonia Token offers a variety of fan engagement options, including limited collection and integration with the Bitci NFT Marketplace, interactive team rewards, exclusive privileges, voting rights, gamification, and exclusive brand experiences.

Brand Identity: Bitci Baskonia currently has more than 500,000 supporters and a digital fan base of over 150,000 on its social networks. In partnership with the Bitci ecosystem, the BKN token is accessible to both the Baskonia fanbase and the entire Bitci user base.

Token Economy

Token Pre-Sale Information

Token Name


Token Type


Total Tokens

100.000.000 BKN

BKN Pre-Sale Amount

35.000.000 BKN

BKN Pre-Sale Price

0.5 TL / BKN

Targeted Earnings

17.500.000 TL

Market Listing Quantity in Circulation

35.000.000 BKN (35%)

Token Distribution

Token Number Percentage Distribution

Token Name


Bitci Pre-Sale

35.00% of Total Pieces


65.00% over Total Pieces

BKN Tokens under the control of the team will be made available 365 days after the offer period, upon the request of the team.

Roadmap, Updates and Business Development

2021 / First Quarter

  • BKN Token Pre-Sale
  • BKN Token Market Listing

2021 / Second Quarter

  • BKN Token Burn

2022 / First Quarter

  • Stock Exchange Listings
  • Competitions

2022 / Second Quarter

  • Quests and Games
  • Integration into E-Commerce systems with BKN Token
  • NFT and Badges

2022 / Third Quarter

  • Integration to All Bitci Baskonia Ecosystem
  • Bitci BaskoniaMini Games

Community Information