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Our exhaustive and user-friendly documentation simplifies the process of comprehending and utilizing BitciChain. Tailored to provide in-depth information for developers, projects, and users.


Our grant program is dedicated to supporting and elevating the BitciChain project by providing financial support to innovative ideas and projects. Crafted to recognize contributors who positively influence our community.


The Blockchain Academy, equipped with extensive educational resources, offers users the chance to acquire knowledge and expertise in blockchain technology through various programs and courses.

True Interoperability

Explore BitciChain's core protocol source code and updates on our GitHub repository. Embracing an open-source approach, we prioritize community contributions and transparency, fostering true interoperability in the blockchain ecosystem.

Explore Bitcichain Technology

Decentralized technologies are reshaping global economies. Dive into the world of Web3, delving into concepts such as oracles, NFTs, DeFi, and more. Uncover the intricacies of these transformative innovations that are revolutionizing how we interact with digital assets and reshape the future of decentralized systems.

Smart Contracts

Learn what smart contracts are and how you can build them.

Asset Tokenization

Learn how tokenization could bring trillions in value to blockchains.


Discover how to create NFTs and make them dynamic using oracles.


Take a deep dive into the burgeoning decentralized financial system.


Discover the next step in the evolution of the Internet.

Blockchain Gaming

Learn how blockchain technology can enhance the gaming experience.


Explore what’s possible in the metaverse and how you can visit it.


Uncover why blockchains need oracles and how they power Web3.

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