Bitci Racing Token (BRACE)

BRACE is generated on Bitcichain

  • Price: 0.000297 TRY
  • Market Cap: 4,164,400 TRY
  • Circulation: 14,021,600,000 BRACE
  • Total Supply: 14,021,600,000 BRACE
  • Dead: 85,978,400,000 BRACE
  • Max Supply: 100,000,000,000 BRACE
  • Coin Id: 163

Bitci Racing Token is a crypto asset developed by BitciTeknolojiAnonimŞirketi on Bitcichain pursuant to the Bitci Racing Token Production and Cooperation Agreement signed with Bitci Racing (collectively shall be referred as “Parties”).Crypto assets refer to intangible assets that are constituted using distributed ledger technology or similar technology and distributed over digital networks, however, they are not considered fiat Money, electronic money, payment instruments, securities or other capital market instruments. This White paper hereby is intended to provide potential participants with some information regarding the Bitci Racing Token (“BRACE”) created by Bitci Racing on the Bitcichain network.

BRACE constitutes the official token of Bitci Racing Team.


With the development of technology, crypto assets gained the meaning to be more popular day by day. Crypto assets, which may be used in many areas, have expanded their usage areas and led different sectors. Changing and transforming end-user behavior has prioritized the need for a sharing and experience ecosystem in an increasingly digital world.Interactions now take place outside the race day, whenever and wherever the “participant community” desires. This process is getting more and more personal. It is predicted that companies that successfully realize this digital transformation process will be able to get more contribution by using the power of the community, such as teams.Therefore, the experience and social interaction, which is even more meaningful to the community, shall be able to turn into an economic and social activity that will contribute to the team in these periods. Worldwide interest in motor sports is increasing day by day. In a world ruled by the commodification of time, community-based projects aim to achieve success together, considering community views. In the processes of uniting motorsports teams and motorsports fans, it is aimed to increase fan interaction by using blockchain technology.


The team refers to a racing team established in the 2021 racing season by the professional team of Ağaçkakan Motor Sports Company (Ltd Şti), one of the few professional racing teams in our country, with 32 years of experience and numerous achievements.In the first season when the team started working, it adopted and succeeded its goal of becoming a champion in many branches in our country. In his first year, he won 5 championships, 3 for pilots and 2 for teams, in the “TürkiyePist”, “Kartting” and “Offroad” Championships. The team’s goal for the 2022 season is to represent our country and its sponsors in the best way possible in the national and international championships it participates in. Team director İbrahim Okyay is a national athlete who has been the champion of Turkey 10 times in his 32 years of uninterrupted racing career and has been on the podium hundreds of times in national and international races. The Bitci Racing team plays an important role in planning, developing and implementing our vision for the products and services we offer.

Director of the Team: İbrahim Okyay

Manager of the Team: Murat Nalçakan

Coordinator of the Team: ElifTanca


BRACE aims to unite Bitci Racing Team and its fans in blockchain technology all together. With the Bitci Racing token, following participationactivies are provided: in special surveys and events for Bitci Racing’s community, playing games with the gamefi project, special prizes, NFT Purchases, and piloting experiences.

3.1. Advertisements and Interactions

It is aimed to produce solutions that enable its users to benefit from the relevant transactions, products, and other privileges in transactions which BRACE shall be used in its own ecosystem and in connection with the platform products and services of other individuals and institutions to which it will be integrated.

3.2. Activies and Surveys

BRACE owners can participate in paid and free surveys or events as given below:

  • Winning a race ticket,
  • Opportunity to choose tool products and vehicle design,
  • Opportunity to meet pilots,
  • Co-drive right on test and training days,
  • Cross marketing (such as cooperation with sponsor brands, discounts and special offers),
  • Taking photos and videos with the team,
  • Garage visit,
  • Hosting in domestic races,
  • E-sports participations,
  • Participation in team special events,
  • Participation in team vehicle, overalls, clothing design surveys,
  • Suit clothes (such as t shirts and hats).

3.3. NFTs

The users will have the right to participate in the pre-sale for the NFT Collections to be created for the Bitci Racing Team and the opportunity to buy or sell with the BRACE Token on the NFT platform. Special privileges will be provided to NFT holders.

  • Pilot training
  • Joining the team as a guest in international races
  • Right to participate in Performance Driving trainings
  • Right to participate in snow and ice driving trainings

3.4 Games and Missions

BRACE Token ownersshall be able to participate in fun games and missions to be created for Bitci Racing. There will be a certain amount of BRACE burning (BRACE BURN) mechanism in the game and it is aimed to use the “play to earn” system in the games.

In experience-based games, it is planned to send the tokens for the race to the system after the participants log in to the game and integrate the wallet, and the winning participant/team will be rewarded with the Bitci Racing Token.


Second Quarter of 2022

  • Creation of BRACE on Bitcichain
  • Pre-offering of BRACE

Third Quarter of 2022

  • Bitci exchange listing
  • Listing of Coingecko
  • Coinmarketcap listing
  • Survey and Events
  • Release of game demo to be created for BRACE

Fourth Quarter of 2022

  • Introducing Bitci Racing Team NFT collections on the NFT platform
  • Opening to minting transactions with the BRACE Token on the NFT platform


Bitci Racing Team will carry out these transactions by purchasing Tokens from the market in its own interactions, advertisements, NFTs, games and wherever it can be accepted, including but not limited to.In the games and missions to be issued for the Bitci Racing Token, the burn mechanism will allow the number of tokens to decrease. Token burning is defined as the removal of an amount of a token from circulation by sending it to an irreversible address. Crypto assets once removed from circulation shall never be brought back. Thus, as the game is played, it is aimed to decrease the number of circulation supply and to support the deflationary situation.

After the pre-sale period of Bitci Racing Token, all unsold Bitci Racing Tokens will be burned. The Bitci Racing Token taken from the pre-offer will be unlocked monthly for 3 months from the date of listing as below.

  1. Unlocking Phase (1/3) on 06/07/2022
  2. Unlocking Phase (1/3) on 06/08/2022
  3. Unlocking Phase (1/3) on 06/09/2022
  • Maximum Supply: 100,000,000,000
  • Total Supply : 
  • Pre-sale quantity :


Income equal to the deal rate is obtained from the volumes on all exchanges where BRACE is listed. The proceeds are planned to be forwarded to support the Bitci Racing Token ecosystem.


Bitci Racing team shall periodically update this report to reflect the technical, commercial, and social developments related to our project. All updates will be announced on the website, social media platforms and our telegram channel as given below:






With the Bitci Racing Token, it is aimed that Bitci Racing shall play a more active role in the future by increasing the interaction of the community, enabling the community to have a right to state their opinions in the surveys, events and activities that will not be limited to the team. It is aimed that the community will benefit from the opportunity to have a unique experience by taking advantage of the opportunities provided by Bitci Racing, and to have a greater say in the team they support with different activities. In terms of the Bitci Racing team, it is aimed to reach the community through different channels, to increase the commitment of the community to the team with various surveys and privileged events, and to contribute to the continuation and improvement of the team’s activities in this way.


Proof of Authority (PoA) is an algorithm that offers a more flexible blockchain consensus mechanism as an alternative to Proof of Work and Proof of Stake, performs better in terms of transaction capacity per second, and provides a consensus mechanism based on the reputation of the validator itself.

In Proof of Authority based networks, transactions and blocks are verified by verified accounts, known as “validators”. Validators run software that enables transactions in blocks. This process works automatically, and validators do not need to constantly check their computers. However, the computer,the authority node, must remain uncompromised.

To become one of validators, people shall earn and deserve it and maintain the position they have earned. Verifiers are encouraged to support the transaction process by adding a reputation to their identity.

On the other hand, Proof of Authority only allows any non-consecutive block confirmation from any validator. PoA is a very suitable algorithm in terms of reliability and performance for private networks and public networks such as PoA networks where security is important.


Proof of Authority is an algorithm used with blockchain technology that provides a consensus mechanism based on the identity of a stake to execute relatively fast transactions. With the increase in the number of approval mechanism shares, the security mechanism continues to strengthen itself. All project owners on Bitcichain are entitled to be consensus partners and contribute to network security.

Data Security

The processing of BRACE user data will be carried out within the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation to the extent applicable, together with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and the relevant legislation (“KVKK”). BRACE provides maximum importance to the privacy and data security of users and meets the requirements of the legislation in force on the protection of personal data.

All personal data received from users are stored on servers which can be accessed via VPN connection and cannot be accessed in any way except by authorized persons.

BRACE securely stores the data provided by you for the period specified in the relevant legislation and takes all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access or collection of the information you share, as required by the KVKK and applicable legislation.



As stated in BRACE and White Paper, all features and applications in the Bitci ecosystem do not aim to be considered as a security asset in any jurisdiction, and do not offer securities, nor do they aim to gather a demand for securities investment. The white paper, which contains technical and operational information about BRACE, does not contain investment advice and is not a legal requirement.

The white paper does not constitute a legally binding contract or legal commitment for either BRACE or the BRACE creative company (“BitciTeknoloji A.Ş”). Any transaction regarding the sale or purchase of BRACE will be valid only after the signing of the agreements to be prepared by the Company and the submission of other necessary documents (“Final Documents”). In the event of a conflict between the Final Documents and the White paper, the regulations contained in the Final Documents will apply.In any case of the jurisdiction, no regulatory or administrative authority or government has reviewed or approved the BRACE structure, or any information contained in this White paper.

The publication of the white paper may not be regulated in the legislation in force in the relevant jurisdictions, or it may constitute a violation of the applicable legislation.Due to the application differences of BRACE Token and blockchain technology in jurisdictions and other technological developments, BRACE, like all BRACE Token applications, poses high legal risk and uncertainty as well as its potential for return.You have the sole initiative and liability to assess and invest these risks. In addition, no part or copy of this White paper should be taken or transferred to any country where the sale or distribution of this White paper or BRACE is prohibited or restricted.

In particular,You may not purchase BRACE if you are (i) a resident of the United States (“USA”),if you are a green card holder or a green card holder and do not have the right to be an “accredited investor” under US law, or (ii) you are a citizen or resident of the People’s Republic of China, or if (iii) you are a citizen or resident of one of the countries subject to US sanctions.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable legislation, BRACE does not give any guarantees or commitments to the Company, its board members, stakeholders, employees, contractors, consultants, or affiliates, regarding the projections and projections contained in the White Paper. assumes no responsibility for the up-to-date and accuracy of the information contained or for the White paper in general. From this point of view, the Company reserves the right to change the information contained in the White Paper at any time.

This White paper hereby may contain forward-looking statements regarding BRACE activities and projections that have not yet materialized. Such forward-looking statements may differ materially from actual future results, performance or achievements with respect to BRACE.In the light of the above explanations, White paper, BRACE, or in connection therewith (including but not limited to loss of revenue or profits, loss of use or data),you commit and approve that you are liable for the damages you will incur, and that BRACE, the Company, the Company’s board members, stakeholders, employees, contractors, consultants or affiliates have no responsibility for these claims and damages.

This White paper hereby does not create a partnership, business relationship, license, profit and loss partnership, joint venture relationship between Bitci and you. In addition, the profit given by Bitci to any person or institution cannot be interpreted as a partnership, business relationship, license promise. BRACE and other Bitci products or services are not a capital market or banking instrument, stock, security, investment contract.

This white paper hereby is subject to the legislation of the Republic of Turkiye. All disputes regarding the white paper hereby shall be finally and exclusively resolved by Istanbul (Anatolian) courts and enforcement offices.