DELI is generated on Bitcichain

  • Price: 0.002302 TRY
  • Market Cap: 7,161,780 TRY
  • Circulation: 3,111,110,000 DELI
  • Total Supply: 8,888,890,000 DELI
  • Dead: 0 DELI
  • Max Supply: 8,888,890,000 DELI
  • Coin Id: 204
  1. Introduction

NFTDeli is an innovative NFT marketplace developed by Turkiye’s leading blockchain technologies R&D brand Bitci and running on the Bitcichain blockchain. Providing an innovative and user-friendly experience, NFTDeli enables the discovery and trading of digital art, sports collections and unique projects on the leading NFT marketplace which is powered by the Bitci brand and is running on the Bitcichain blockchain.

  1. Introducing NFTDeli Token

DELI Token is a user-oriented utility token that enhances your NFT collections and trading experience. It adds value to users by offering various usage areas and advantages on the NFTDeli platform. NFTDeli Token creates value on the NFTDeli platform running on the Bitcichain blockchain by offering right to speak and rewards to its users. Here are some of these values:

  • Reduction in transaction fees: Token can reduce users’ trading costs by providing a discount on platform fees.
  • In-platform rewards: Tokens can be distributed as rewards based on users’ activities on the platform (eg inviting new users, sharing NFTs, etc.).
  • Trading of NFTs: Users can buy and sell NFTs listed on the platform with the token.
  • Voting and governance: Token holders can vote and participate in decision-making on the future development and features of the platform.
  1. Usage Area of NFTDeli Token

The usage areas of the token are directly linked to the utility. These are:

  • Payment of NFT purchasing fees: Users can use the DELI token as a payment unit for NFT trading.
  • Staking and rewards: Users can ensure usability on the platform and earn extra tokens or NFT rewards after a certain period of time by staking (locking) their tokens.
  • Access and subscription payments: Tokens can be used to provide access to exclusive content and services. For example, token staking/burning may be required for premium listing services or participation in special events.
  • Governance and voting: Users can use their tokens to participate in the governance of the platform and take part in voting. Thus, they get the opportunity to contribute to the future features and decisions of the platform.
  • Partnerships and collaborations: Token allows NFTDeli to offer special deals associated with partnerships and collaborations. For example, based on Bitci’s partnerships with sports clubs, users can use tokens to get access to exclusive NFTs and experiences associated with these partnerships.
  1. Roadmap
  • Creation of DELI on Bitcichain.
  • Pre-offering of DELI
  • Bitci Turkiye Listing
  • Coinecko Listing
  • Coinmarketcap
  • Bitci Global Listing
  • DELI Listing on global exchange
  • Increasing the usage areas of DELI
  • Explaining DELI’s burning strategies
  1. Tokenomics



Total Supply Ratio


Distribution Process (The specified months are based on the Listing date.)

Total Supply




Token Supply


0,005  TL

It will be unlocked at the rate of 10% during listing, After that, it will continue to be unlocked at the rate of 10% every month for 9 months starting from June.


14% It will be revealed 10 percent from the 3rd month. It will continue to be revealed in the same ratio every month.









It will be locked at the time of listing. It will be unlocked at the rate of 5% per month for 10 months from the 5th month, and 10% per month for the next 5 months.




It will be revealed in the ratio of 10% during the listing. It will continue to be revealed at 10% every month starting from the 3rd month.


  1. Additional Information and Updates

This report will be updated periodically to reflect technical, commercial and social developments related to our DELI project. All updates will be announced on our website, social media platforms and telegram channel.

  1. Approval System

Proof of Authority (or PoA) is an algorithm that presents a more flexible blockchain consensus mechanism as an alternative to Proof of Work and Proof of Stake, performs better in regards to the transaction capacity per second, and provides a consensus mechanism based on the reputation of the validator itself.

In Proof of Authority based networks, transactions and blocks are validated by apporoved accounts, known as “validators”. Validators run software that allows them to put transactions in blocks. This process works automatically and validators do not need to constantly monitor their computers. However, the computer, namely the authority node, must remain uncompromised.

To be a validator, people must earn and deserve it and maintain the position they have earned. Validator are encouraged to support the transaction process by adding a reputation to their identity. On the other hand, Proof of Authority only allows any non-consecutive block approval from any validator. PoA is a very suitable algorithm in terms of reliability and performance for private networks and public networks such as PoA networks where security is important.


Proof of Authority is an algorithm used with blockchain technology that provides a consensus mechanism based on the identity of a stake to execute relatively fast transactions. With the increase in the number of approval mechanism stakes, the security mechanism continues to strengthen itself. All project owners on Bitcichain are entitled to be consensus partners and contribute to ensuring network security.

Data Security

The processing of DELI user data will be carried out within the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation to the extent applicable, in accordance with the the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and the relevant legislation (“KVKK”). DELI attaches maximum importance to the privacy and data security of its users and fulfills the current legislation requirements regarding the protection of personal data.

All personal data received from users are stored on servers that can be accessed via VPN connection and cannot be accessed in any way except by authorized persons.

DELI securely stores the data provided by you for the period specified in the relevant legislation and takes all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access or collection of the information you share as required by KVKK and applicable legislation.

  1. Legal Information


All the features and applications in the Bitci ecosystem as stated in the DELI and Whitepaper  are not intended to be recognized as a security-qualified asset in any jurisdiction, and are not an offering of securities, nor are they intended to gather a solicitation for investment in securities. The Whitepaper , which contains technical and operational information about DELI, does not contain investment advice and is not a legal requirement.

The Whitepaper  does not constitute a legally binding agreement or legal commitment for both DELI and DELI-creative company (“Bitci Teknoloji A.Ş”). Any transaction regarding the sale or purchase of DELI shall be valid only after the signing of the agreements to be prepared by the Company and the submission of other necessary documents (“Final Documents”). In the event that there is a conflict between the Final Documents and the Whitepaper , the regulations in the Final Documents shall be applied.

No regulatory or administrative authority or government, regardless of jurisdiction, has reviewed or approved the DELI structure or any information specified in this Whitepaper . The publication of the Whitepaper  may not be regulated in the legislation in force in the relevant jurisdictions, and it may constitute a violation of the applicable legislation as well. As with all DELI Token applications, DELI also poses high legal risk and uncertainty, in addition to its potential for return due to the application differences of DELI Token and blockchain technology in jurisdictions and other technological developments. You have the sole initiative and responsibility to assess and invest these risks. Additionally, no part or copy of this Whitepaper  should be taken or transferred to any country where the sale or distribution of this Whitepaper  or DELI is prohibited or restricted.

In particular, you cannot purchase DELI provided that you are (i) a citizen, resident or green card holder of the United States (“USA”) and do not have the right to be an “accredited investor” under US law, or (ii) you are a citizen or resident of the People’s Republic of China, or (iii) you are a citizen or resident of one of the countries subject to US sanctions.

To the fullest extent permitted by the applicable legislation, DELI, Company, Company board members, stakeholders, employees, contractors, consultants or affiliates do not make any guarantees or commitments regarding the predictions and projections contained in the Whitepaper , and additionally, they do not accept any responsibility for the up-to-dateness and accuracy of the information in the Whitepaper  or for the Whitepaper  in general. In this regard, the Company has the right to alter the information contained in the Whitepaper at any time.

This Whitepaper may contain forward-looking statements regarding DELI’s activities and projections that have not yet actualized. Such forward-looking statements may differ significantly from actual future results, performance or achievements with respect to DELI.

In the light of the above explanations, you accept that you are solely responsible for the damages that you may incur in Whitepaper, DELI or in connection with them (including but not limited to loss of income or profit, loss of use or data), and that DELI, Company, Company board members, stakeholders, employees, contractors, consultants or affiliates are not liable for these claims or damages. This Whitepaper does not constitute a partnership, business relationship, license, profit and loss partnership, joint venture relationship between Bitci and you. In addition, the profit given by Bitci to any person or institution shall not be interpreted as a partnership, business relationship, license promise. DELI and other Bitci products or services are not a capital market or banking instrument, stock, security, investment contract.

This Whitepaper is subject to the legislation of the Republic of Turkiye. All disputes regarding the Whitepaper shall be finally and exclusively resolved by Istanbul (Anatolian) courts and enforcement offices.