Global Fan Token (GLFT)

GLFT is generated on Bitcichain

  • Price: 0.000204 TRY
  • Market Cap: 13,500,700 TRY
  • Circulation: 66,180,100,000 GLFT
  • Total Supply: 66,180,100,000 GLFT
  • Dead: 538,057,000 GLFT
  • Max Supply: 66,531,300,000 GLFT
  • Coin Id: 209
  1. Introduction

As technology develops, crypto assets have become increasingly popular. With their expanding range of applications, crypto assets have driven innovation in various sectors. The Global Fan Token was created to enhance fan experiences in a rapidly digitizing world with ever-changing and evolving end-user behavior.

  1. Global Fan Token Overview

Global Fan Token will regularly bring together fan experiences and the community based on decisions made by the community. Users with the most GLFT, highest GLFT trading volume, and the highest number of GLFT transactions will win the experiences chosen by the community.

  1. Global Fan Token Usage

Global Fan Token is designed to maximize fan experiences. Token holders can benefit from the following:

  • League match tickets.
  • Private lodges and viewing areas.
  • Jerseys and signed memorabilia.
  • Accommodation, travel, and tickets for international matches.
  • Private meetings.

A portion of the commission income generated on the Bitci Exchange Market will be used for experiences voted on every month.

  1. Roadmap
  • Pre-initial supply of GLFT
  • Bitci Turkiye Listing 
  • Launching Global Fan Token market on Bitci Exchange Market
  • Coingecko Listing 
  • Coinmarketcap Listing 
  • Bitci Global Listing
  • Listing GLFT on global exchange markets
  • Expanding GLFT usage areas
  • Announcing GLFT burning strategies
  1. Tokenomics

The supply of Global Fan Token, aimed at maximizing fan experiences, will be unlimited. The number of tokens sold during the initial supply will constitute the total and circulating supply of Global Fan Tokens.

  1. Vesting 

    May 2023July 2023September 2023November 2023January 2024


    Additional Information and Updates

This report will be periodically updated to reflect technical, commercial, and social developments related to our GLFT project. All updates will be announced on our website, social media platforms, and Telegram channel.

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  1. Approval System

Proof of Authority (PoA) is an algorithm that offers a more flexible blockchain consensus mechanism as an alternative to Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. It performs better in terms of transaction capacity per second and provides a consensus mechanism based on the validator’s reputation.

In PoA-based networks, transactions and blocks are validated by approved accounts known as “validators.” Validators run software that allows them to place transactions in blocks. This process works automatically, and validators do not need to constantly monitor their computers. However, the computer, or the authority node, must remain uncompromised.

To become a validator, individuals must earn and maintain their position. Validators are encouraged to support the transaction process by adding reputation to their identity. PoA is a suitable algorithm for private networks and public networks where security is important in terms of reliability and performance.


Proof of Authority is an algorithm used with blockchain technology that provides a consensus mechanism based on the identity of a stake to execute relatively fast transactions. As the number of approval mechanism stakes increases, the security mechanism continues to strengthen itself. All project owners on Bitcichain have the right to be consensus partners and contribute to ensuring network security.

Data Security

GLFT user data processing will be carried out in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, as applicable, and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and relevant legislation (“KVKK”). GLFT prioritizes user privacy and data security, fulfilling current legislative requirements regarding personal data protection.

All personal data 

received from users are stored on servers accessible via VPN connections and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

GLFT securely stores the data provided by you for the period specified in relevant legislation and takes all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access or collection of the information you share, as required by KVKK and applicable legislation.

  1. Legal Information


All features and applications in the Bitci ecosystem, as stated in GLFT and Whitepaper, are not intended to be recognized as security-qualified assets in any jurisdiction, and are not an offering of securities, nor are they intended to gather a solicitation for investment in securities. The Whitepaper, containing technical and operational information about GLFT, does not constitute investment advice and is not a legal requirement.

The Whitepaper does not constitute a legally binding agreement or legal commitment for both GLFT and GLFT-creative company (“Bitci Borsa Teknoloji A.Ş”). Any transaction regarding the sale or purchase of GLFT shall be valid only after the signing of the agreements prepared by the Company and the submission of other necessary documents (“Final Documents”). In the event of a conflict between the Final Documents and the Whitepaper, the regulations in the Final Documents shall be applied.

No regulatory or administrative authority or government, regardless of jurisdiction, has reviewed or approved the GLFT structure or any information specified in this Whitepaper. The publication of the Whitepaper may not be regulated in the legislation in force in relevant jurisdictions and may constitute a violation of applicable legislation. As with all GLFT Token applications, GLFT also poses high legal risk and uncertainty, in addition to its potential for return due to the application differences of GLFT Token and blockchain technology in jurisdictions and other technological developments. You have the sole initiative and responsibility to assess and invest in these risks. Additionally, no part or copy of this Whitepaper should be taken or transferred to any country where the sale or distribution of this Whitepaper or GLFT is prohibited or restricted.

In particular, you cannot purchase GLFT provided that you are (i) a citizen, resident, or green card holder of the United States (“USA”) and do not have the right to be an “accredited investor” under US law, or (ii) you are a citizen or resident of the People’s Republic of China, or (iii) you are a citizen or resident of one of the countries subject to US sanctions.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable legislation, GLFT, Company, Company board members, stakeholders, employees, contractors, consultants, or affiliates do not make any guarantees or commitments regarding the predictions and projections contained in the Whitepaper, and additionally, they do not accept any responsibility for the up-to-datedness and accuracy of the information in the Whitepaper or for the Whitepaper in general. In this regard, the Company has the right to alter the information contained in the Whitepaper at any time.

This Whitepaper may contain forward-looking statements regarding GLFT’s activities and projections that have not yet actualized. Such forward-looking statements may differ significantly from actual future results, performance, or achievements with respect to GLFT. In light of the above explanations, you accept that you are solely responsible for any damages that you may incur in connection with the Whitepaper, GLFT, or related matters (including but not limited to loss of income or profit, loss of use or data), and that GLFT, Company, Company board members, stakeholders, employees, contractors, consultants, or affiliates are not liable for these claims or damages. This Whitepaper does not constitute a 

partnership, business relationship, license, profit and loss partnership, or joint venture relationship between Bitci and you. Additionally, any profit given by Bitci to any person or institution shall not be interpreted as a partnership, business relationship, or license promise. GLFT and other Bitci products or services are not capital market or banking instruments, stocks, securities, or investment contracts.

This Whitepaper is subject to the legislation of the Republic of Turkey. All disputes regarding the Whitepaper shall be finally and exclusively resolved by Istanbul (Anatolian) courts and enforcement offices.