VRMARS is generated on Bitcichain

  • Price: 0.02794 TRY
  • Market Cap: 223,520,000 TRY
  • Circulation: 8,000,000,000 VRM
  • Total Supply: 144,000,000 VRM
  • Dead: 0 VRM
  • Max Supply: 8,000,000,000 VRM
  • Coin Id: 178


VRMARS is a revolutionary new NFT-based gaming experience that combines cutting-edge technology and exciting gameplay to offer players a new way to immerse themselves in a virtual world. With augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology, VRMARS allows players to experience a lifelike simulation of a harsh and dangerous Martian environment, where they must survive and thrive through their creativity, strategy, and teamwork.

VRMARS will be launched on both mobile and web platforms, offering players the choice of an AR experience on mobile or a VR experience on web. The mobile version of VRMARS, which leverages AR technology, will be released first, followed by the web-based VR version. This approach allows players to engage with VRMARS in the environment of their choice and offers a unique gaming experience for players on both platforms.

The goal of both the mobile and web-based platforms of VRMARS is to increase the terraformation of Mars, making it a livable planet. While both platforms share this objective, they offer different gameplay mechanics to achieve it. The web-based version provides a more detailed and immersive experience with its advanced gameplay mechanics, while the mobile version leverages AR technology to bring the game to players on-the-go.


% of Total
Total Value
Vesting Period
Total Supply8,000,000,000100%   
Pre-seed160,000,0002%$0.0025$400,000No unlocking at TGE. 5.5% unlocks at the 5th month, 5% unlocks at the 6th month. 2.70% every month afterwards.
Seed720,000,00010%$0.0035$2,800,000No unlocking at TGE. 5% unlocks for 10 months and 10% unlocks afterwards for 5 months starting from the 5th month.
Bitci Global Sale160,000,0002%$0.0035 10% will be unlocked at the time of listing and then 10% will continue to be unlocked every month for 9 months as from June.
Game Rewards2,800,000,00035%  0.5% unlocks at the 3rd month. 1.40% every month afterwards.
Ecosystem/Treasury2,160,000,00026%  1% unlocks at TGE. 1.39% every month starting from 2nd month.
Team1,280,000,00016%  No unlocking at TGE. 2.78% unlocks every month starting from the 5th month.
Advisors400,000,0005%  No unlocking at TGE. 2.78% unlocks every month starting from the 5th month.
Marketing & Partnerships240,000,0003%  No unlocking at TGE. 5% unlocks for 10 months and 10% unlocks afterwards for 5 months starting from the 5th month.
Influencer Marketing80,000,0001%  12% unlocks at TGE. 8% every month starting from 3rd month


  • At VRMARS, our vision is to pioneer a new world on Mars where individuals can engage in a unique and exciting gaming experience while earning active income. Our mission is to bring the excitement of colonizing a new planet to life by creating a metaverse that challenges participants to utilize their skills and knowledge in a realistic, Martian environment.
  • The VRMARS team is dedicated to fostering a thriving community of builders who can work together to overcome the challenges of Mars and build a legacy that will last for generations.
  • In addition, the gap between Web2 and Web3 technologies aimed to be bridged by directing Web2 companies toward the benefits of the Web3 ecosystem. By doing so, we hope to create a mutually beneficial relationship between both types of users within the VRMARS game.
  • Our goal is to create a vibrant Martian ecosystem that encourages participants to make meaningful choices that have profound wisdom and meaning behind them and to shape the future of Mars through their actions within the game.



The Global Play-to-Earn NFT Games Market Size is estimated to be US$755.00 million in 2021, which is expected to reach US$2917.20 million in 2028 with an annual growth rate of 21.30%. (Marketwatch)


The global cryptocurrency market reached a value of US$1.782 billion in 2021. Looking ahead, the market is projected to grow 58.4% over the period 2022-2027, reaching US$32,420 billion by 2027. (Yahoo)



VRMARS Token ($VRM) is the only token of the VRMARS Ecosystem. Its supply is limited to $8,000,000,000 VRM. $VRM allows users to own the ecosystem. Its supply is limited to maximize stored value. $VRM gives its users the right to vote for future decisions of the VRMARS Ecosystem such as DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations).


Many in-game activities require the burning of the $VRM token, which will eventually slow the growth of supply, resulting in a sustainable and stable economy.


Getting involved in VRMARS is a straight-forward process. There are three options available for players to enter the game, which are:

  • Citizenship ID
  • Land NFT
  • Free to Play

Citizenship ID

Players who select the Citizenship ID option will receive a Land NFT with indefinite ownership, a Flame Pistol and Vacuum G NFTs for looting materials within the AR system for a limited time of two weeks, and an Oxygen Workspace for crafting Oxygen Tubes with indefinite usage.

Land NFT

Players who purchase a Land NFT will be provided with a Flame Pistol and Vacuum G NFTs for looting materials within the AR system for a limited period of two weeks.

Free to Play

In the case of the Free to Play version, players will receive all mentioned assets for a limited period of one week.

Oxygen Level

In VRMARS Mobile, the ultimate objective is to transform Mars into a habitable planet by establishing a thriving colony. The first critical step towards this end is the augmentation of the oxygen levels, which are vital for the players’ survival and the colony’s growth.

To succeed in VRMARS, players must navigate the challenging conditions and scarce resources of Mars, making strategic decisions to sustain optimal oxygen levels.

The availability of oxygen can be elevated by utilizing the resources acquired through the AR system, such as water from ice caps, aluminum from aluminum mines, and iron from iron mines, to craft Oxygen Tubes in the Oxygen Workspace.

By elevating the oxygen levels, players concurrently enhance the terraformation index of their land, increasing their Land XP. This progression signifies the player’s advancements towards making Mars a more livable planet and is a central aspect of the game’s objective.

Icebergs and Mines

In VRMARS Mobile, the augmented reality system provides players with a rich and diverse environment, including several minable objects. These objects offer players the opportunity to both explore the Martian atmosphere and gather valuable resources through mining.

As players move around the real world, their avatar moves along the map in the game, giving them a sense of exploring the Red Planet.

As players walk in the real world, their avatars will traverse the map in the game in real-time. Upon approaching within 25 meters of icebergs or materials, players will be prompted to interact with them and access a separate action scene. The scene can either be in AR or a different virtual environment, allowing players to choose their preferred option.


An iceberg in VRMARS is a large block of ice found scattered throughout the virtual Martian landscape. These blocks of ice are of great interest to players as they contain water, that can be used to help increase the oxygen levels on the red planet.

The act of collecting these resources from icebergs is known as mining and requires players to interact with the virtual environment through the AR system. By successfully mining icebergs with Flame Pistol or Flamethrower, players can collect water which is a required element to create Oxygen Tube.

In VRMARS, icebergs come in different sizes, with level 1 being the smallest and level 3 the largest. The size of an iceberg is a determining factor in the amount of resources that can be collected from it.

Iron Mines

An iron mine in VRMARS refers to a virtual location in the game where players can extract iron ore. Iron ore is a valuable resource in VRMARS and is necessary for players to increase their oxygen levels and progress towards making Mars a more hospitable place to live. By mining iron with the Hose, players can gain access to this resource and use it to craft essential items in the Oxygen Workspace.

Iron mines are scattered throughout the virtual Martian landscape, and players must explore and search for these locations in order to obtain the iron ore necessary for their survival and growth on the red planet.

Aluminum Mines

An Aluminum Mine in VRMARS refers to a location on the virtual Martian landscape where players can extract and gather aluminum, a valuable resource used to increase oxygen levels and terraform the land. The Aluminum Mine can be found on the map by exploring the virtual Martian landscape and is marked by a specific symbol. To mine the aluminum, players must use the Hose.

The extracted aluminum can then be used to craft Oxygen Tubes, and help progress the player’s objectives in making Mars a more livable planet.

Improving Lands

In VRMARS, players have a crucial role in turning Mars into a livable planet. The main goal is to build and terraform the land by using resources gathered in the AR system.

Players need to use the Flame Pistol or Flamethrower to extract “water” from ice caps and the Hose to extract “aluminum” and “iron” from mines.

These resources can be turned into Oxygen Tubes in the Oxygen Workspace, which increase the land’s oxygen levels and terraformation index, earning the player Land XP.

Land XP is a measure of how much a player has contributed to making Mars a more hospitable planet. The more oxygen a player produces, the more Land XP they earn. As players accumulate Land XP, they can level up, adding depth and a sense of progression to the game.

VRMARS features a crafting mechanism where players can create workspaces to aid in their terraforming efforts. In the full version of the game, an extended crafting system will be introduced, featuring new workspaces and materials, allowing players to extract and process more resources, further increasing the oxygen levels and terraformation index of the land.

This aspect of the game encourages players to work together, pool their resources, and increase both their Land XP and Clan XP.


Clans in VRMARS are groups of players who come together to work towards a common goal – terraforming Mars and making it a habitable planet. Players can join or create their own clan, and work together with other members to level up their lands and contribute to the overall progress of the clan.

Players can join or create their own clans once they have reached Land Level 10.

Participating in a clan is simple. Players can search for existing clans in the VRMARS Mobile App and apply to join, or they can create their own clan and invite other players to join.


In VRMARS, being part of a clan is an integral aspect of the game. The members of a clan work together to progress faster in terraforming Mars and benefit from the collective experience gained by the clan. To enhance the social aspect of the game, VRMARS has different member types within a clan, each with distinct responsibilities and benefits.

A clan is comprised of a single owner, up to 4 captains, 5 generals, and 90 basic members, with a maximum of 100 members in total.

Owner: They have complete control over the clan, including the ability to invite or remove members, promote or demote members, and edit clan information. Additionally, the owner receives the highest percentage of tokens at the end of each month as a reward for their efforts.

Captain: Captains are members who have similar responsibilities to the owner, but with a limited scope. They receive a slightly lower percentage of tokens compared to the owner.

General: Generals are members who have a limited role in the clan and mainly assist in clan activities. They receive a lower percentage of tokens compared to the Captains.

Member: The basic member types of the clan and participate in clan activities. They receive the lowest percentage of tokens at the end of each month, but still play a crucial role in contributing to the success of the clan.


Being a member of a clan in VRMARS offers numerous advantages to players. When a player takes actions such as collecting materials or melting icebergs, they not only earn experience for themselves, but also contribute to the clan experience bar. This not only increases their individual Land XP and Clan XP, but also boosts the clan’s progress.

Moreover, clan membership enables players to engage in clan activities, collaborate, and share ideas with others, creating a more social and engaging gaming experience. Ranking & Rewarding Systems

In VRMARS, players can participate in clan activities and contribute to the clan experience bar. The more experience points players gain from actions such as collecting materials and melting icebergs, the higher the experience points for their clan and their individual land.

Clan Leaderboard

The clan leaderboard, which resets each month, ranks the clans based on their accumulated experience points and serves as a competition among the clans in VRMARS.

The clan leaderboard determines the distribution of tokens among the top 50 clans in VRMARS.

The higher a clan ranks on the leaderboard, the greater the share of tokens they receive from the token pool. This creates a positive feedback loop as players strive to increase their individual and clan experience points to rise in the rankings and receive a larger share of the rewards.

Reward Distribution

Token Distribution Among Clans

Token distribution among the top 50 clans on the VRMARS leaderboard is based on their ranking, with the top clan receiving 12.0% of the token pool, and the 50th clan receiving 1.0%.

Token Distribution in Clans

In addition to the distribution among clans, tokens are also distributed among the members of each clan based on their member types.

The owner of the clan receives 4.5% of the tokens, while the captains receive 2.0% each, the generals receive 1.5% each, and the basic members receive 8/9% each from the rewards the clan earns from the leaderboard.

By participating in VRMARS, players can not only improve their own land and increase their experience points but also earn rewards through the ranking and rewarding system.


In VRMARS, the Citizenship ID is a unique and non-transferable token that serves as a player’s digital identity and membership in the VRMARS community. The platform is responsible for minting the Citizenship ID, which is then used to confirm the player’s identity, track their progress, and grant them access to various in-game features and privileges.


The minting process for the Citizenship ID is straightforward and secure. The user provides the platform with their personal information, which is encrypted and stored in the blockchain. This information is used to confirm the player’s identity and track their progress and achievements in the game


Upon acquiring the Citizenship ID, players receive a Land NFT, which they will possess indefinitely, as well as a Flame Pistol and Vacuum G NFTs for collecting resources in the AR system for a limited time of 2 weeks. They will also receive an Oxygen Workspace, which they can use to craft Oxygen Tubes, for an indefinite time.


The Citizenship ID offers various features and privileges that enhance the VRMARS experience. Players can participate in various in-game activities, such as multiplayer battles, trade and marketplace, and governance. They can also earn rewards and bonuses for participating in the game’s economy, such as staking and liquidity provision. Additionally, the Citizenship ID grants access to premium features and content, such as special in-game items, private chat channels, and more.


Land NFTs are a unique aspect of the VRMARS game that provides players with a virtual piece of land on the surface of Mars. These lands are dynamic NFTs with customizable metadata, which records changes to the land like a real-world property. Players can personalize their land with the top brands of the real world, making their experience in the VRMARS metaverse more immersive.


Players can have their own piece of Mars with the option to mint a Land NFT for as low as 0.1 BNB. There are 4 different types of Lands in VRMARS.

Disporium (Class 1) Land: This type of land is required for those who want to become a clan owner in VRMARS. It has a large territory and is suitable for showcasing one’s power and influence in the game.

Spica (Class 2) Land: This land is required for Generals who are the right-hand of the clan owners. It has a considerable land area and is suitable for showcasing one’s importance and authority within the clan.

Xiun (Class 3) Land: This land is required for Captains in VRMARS. It has a smaller land area than Spica and is suitable for showing one’s loyalty and commitment to the clan.

Pulaidity (Class 4) Land: This land is for members of the clan. It has the smallest land area among all the classes and is suitable for showing one’s support and dedication to the clan.

Each class of land has its own significance in VRMARS and can be used to showcase the power, influence, and loyalty of the players in the game

The ownership of different classes of land can be an important factor in the game, as it can affect the players’ social status and role within the clan.


Owning a Land NFT in VRMARS has several benefits, including exclusive prizes. Land NFT owners will receive Flame Pistol and Vacuum G NFTs (for a limited time of a week),which they can use to gather materials in the AR system. These resources can be used to increase their land’s oxygen levels and terraformation index, thus boosting their Land XP.


The crafting mechanism in VRMARS is an essential component of the game, as it allows players to turn the resources they gather into valuable items that can help them increase their oxygen levels and terraform the land.

By doing so, players increase their Land XP, a measure of their contributions to making Mars a more livable planet. Players can level up as they accumulate Land XP, providing a sense of progression and accomplishment. If a player is part of a clan, their Land XP is also added to their clan’s experience bar, encouraging players to work together with their clan members to contribute to the clan’s success.


The “Flame Pistol” is a unique and powerful NFT weapon that players can own in VRMARS. Players can add this valuable item to their virtual arsenal by minting it to earn $VRM. The Flamethrower in VRMARS is a vital tool for players looking to maximize their earning potential

As a weapon, it provides a powerful means of collecting valuable resources, which translates into $VRM with mechanisms explained in the “Gameplay-Ranking & Rewarding Systems” section. The Flame PistolS’ unique visual and audio effects enhance gameplay’s excitement, making it a sought-after item among players.

Not only does the Flame Pistol serve as a weapon, but it also plays a crucial role in performing tasks and challenges that require mining in Martian environments.

The level of the Flame Pistol directly affects the damage it will inflict on ice, with higher-level Flame Pistol providing more resources than lower-level counterparts.

This feature not only allows players to earn more resources but also helps them to use their oxygen levels more effectively.

The Flame Pistol leveling system provides a fun and engaging gameplay element that rewards players for their efforts, and drives competition among players to see who can become the most proficient ice-melting specialist in VRMARS.


In VRMARS, both the Flame Pistol and Vacuum G have different attributes that affect various aspects of gameplay.

Dexterity (Mining): Dexterity plays an important role in mining resources. Having a higher Dexterity Attribute on either the Flame Pistol or Vacuum G will result in more resources gained from mining.

Luck (Fortuna’s Box): Luck attribute determines the frequency and quality of a Fortuna’s Box drop while collectin resources. The Flame Pistol and Vacuum G with higher Luck will have a better chance of receiving Fortuna’s Box drops.

Resilience (Durability/Repair): Resilience affects the decreasing rate of Durability. Higher Resilience will result in a slower Durability decrease, which means that the Flame Pistol or Vacuum G will require less frequent repairs.

Wisdom (Exploration): Wisdom attribute plays an important role in finding icebergs or mines in the AR system. During resource hunts with Flame Pistol or Vacuum G, which have higher Wisdom attributes, players will find icebergs or mines more often.

Flame Pistol and Vacuum G are two of the main assets in VRMARS that players use for mining resources and earning rewards. Each asset has a set of base attribute points that define their strength and capabilities. However, players have the ability to increase these attribute points by inserting special Gems into the Gem Sockets of their assets. By carefully selecting and upgrading the right Gems, players can significantly enhance the performance of their assets and tailor them to their own playstyle.


The Vacuum G is a powerful tool in VRMARS that allows players to collect valuable resources like aluminum and iron. As an NFT, players can own the Vacuum G by minting it, adding it to their virtual inventory, and using it to gather resources from the Martian environment in the AR system.

Players can use the Vacuum G to extract aluminum from aluminum mines and iron from iron mines. These resources are then used to craft Oxygen Tubes in the Oxygen Workspace, increasing their lands’ oxygen levels and terraformation index. The higher the oxygen levels, the more Land XP players can earn.

The Vacuum G is also available for players who choose the Citizenship ID option and is one of the limited-time NFTs players can receive along with the Land NFT and Flame Pistol for two weeks. For players who purchase a Land NFT, the Vacuum G can be acquired for a limited time of one week.


Workspaces which are limited NFTs, are the crucial component of the VRMARS game and play a vital role in the terraformation of Mars.

By minting a workspace, the basic version of the game offers players access to an Oxygen Workspace, where they can turn the resources they gather into valuable items, such as Oxygen Tubes. These items increase the oxygen levels of their land and contribute to the player’s terraformation index, resulting in increased Land and Clan XP. In the full version of VRMARS, players will have access to an expanded crafting system featuring many new workspaces that allow players to research and create terraformation such as plants, animals, and more. These new workspaces will allow players to extract and process more resources, further increasing the land’s terraformation index and enhancing the overall player experience.

Research and development play a significant role in the full version of VRMARS, allowing players to unlock new tools, workspaces, and resources, as well as upgrade existing ones.

This aspect of the game encourages collaboration and encourages players to pool their resources to advance the state of their colony and increase their Land and Clan XP.



In VRMARS, players can receive Fortuna’s Boxes as a random reward while in AR System. These boxes contain gems of various levels, which can be used to enhance and upgrade players’ Flame Pistol.

The contents of the box are randomly generated, so it’s never known what players might find inside. It could be a valuable Level 3 Gem, or it could be a less useful Level 1 Gem.

The Fortuna’s Box has five quality types:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary


In VRMARS, with each level the Flame Pistol or the Vacuum G acquired users will unlock additional Gem Sockets on their assets. Gem Sockets are special slots that allow users to insert Gems, powerful items that can enhance and improve their Flame Pistols’ or Vacuum Gs’ attributes.

Each Gem Socket is designed to accept a specific type of Gem. There are four types of Gems, each representing an Attribute: Yellow for Dexterity, Blue for Luck, Purple for Resilience, and Red for Wisdom. By inserting the right Gems into the correct Sockets, users can tailor their Flame Pistol to their own playstyle and maximize its potential.

With the right combination of Gems, users can turn their Flame Pistol into a tool for better earnings from mining.

In-game Economy

VRMARS features an innovative in-game economy model to reward players for contributing to the game’s ecosystem. This model is unique because it directly ties the value of the in-game assets to the company’s value, creating a self-sustaining economy that benefits both players and investors.

Unlike many other games that rely on a dual-token system, VRMARS has a single token, the VRM token, which is used for all in-game transactions and rewarding system.

But what sets VRMARS apart is that a portion of the game’s profit is distributed directly to players. This means that the more active and engaged a player is in the growth of their colony, the more they can earn.


The VRM token is the heart of the VRMARS platform. As the native token, it has a wide range of uses and benefits within the game. In addition to facilitating transactions and purchases within the game’s economy, the VRM token also participates in decentralized finance (DeFi) elements of the platform. Players can stake their VRM tokens to earn rewards, participate in liquidity pools, and access other DeFi features.

The VRM token is also an essential tool for accessing premium features and content within the game. This includes exclusive items, gear, and accessories that are only available to players who hold VRM tokens.

One of the most exciting aspects of the VRM token is the rewards system that it powers.

Players can earn rewards for participating in the game’s economy and making valuable contributions to the community. This creates a dynamic and engaging virtual economy that rewards players for their efforts, incentivizing them to play an active role in the growth and development of their colonies.

Play to Earn

Play-to-earn is a gaming model where players can earn rewards by playing a game. These rewards are often in the form of cryptocurrency or other digital assets that have real-world value. Play-to-earn games have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many players seeking ways to earn income through gaming.

VRMARS is a unique play-to-earn game that sets itself apart from other games in the genre through its innovative in-game economy model. Rather than relying solely on the value of its native cryptocurrency, VRMARS rewards are tied directly to the value of the company.

This means that as VRMARS grows and becomes more successful, players can expect to see greater rewards for their efforts.

This innovative model not only benefits players but also gives them a sense of ownership in the game.

As the value of the company increases, so too does the value of the rewards (reward pool of Clan Leaderboard) that players can earn.

This creates a unique sense of investment and ownership thinking, where players feel that their efforts are directly contributing to the success of the game.


VRMARS NFT Marketplace is a virtual market platform that provides a centralized hub for trading in-game assets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs are based on two standards: ERC-721 and ERC-1555. The platform operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and provides an easy-to-use interface for both buyers and sellers.

One of the key benefits of VRMARS NFT Marketplace is its ability to facilitate the trade of the most valuable assets in the game. These assets can be purchased with WBNBs’, which are the native tokens of the Binance Smart Chain.

The NFT trades on the marketplace can be carried out in two ways:

  • Fixed Price: Direct asset purchases made by buyers at fixed prices set by the owners.
  • Offer: Buyers’ offers accepted by sellers.

This flexibility ensures that the marketplace can cater to the needs of a wide range of buyers and sellers.

Moreover, the marketplace allows users to list and offer their assets without paying gas fees, which provides a user-friendly experience.

Another benefit of VRMARS NFT Marketplace is its low transaction fees. A fixed percentage fee of 2.5% is deducted from all trades made in the marketplace.

This fee is collected by the protocol, which provides application resistance and allows royalty expenses.

This means that the marketplace is sustainable and can continue to provide value to its users.

To provide a seamless user experience, the platform has integrated with Web3 wallets such as Metamask and WalletConnect.


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