The First NFT Collection to Launch on BitciChain: Bitci Bots!

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As part of Bitci’s roadmap for 2023, which includes the Web3 transformation, a new metaverse project called Bitci City and its associated NFT collection, Bitci Bots, are being introduced. The collection, representing 3D robots within the 10,000-piece metaverse, will soon be available to NFT enthusiasts through the NFT Marketplace. The project, which offers benefits in various areas such as passive income, gaming, and socializing, is ready to meet with users.

A notable new NFT project: What is Bitci Bots?

Bitci Bots, the first project of BitciChain, creates a new world for its users in Bitci City by focusing on the metaverse space. The Bitci Bots characters, living as 3D assets within the Bitci City Metaverse, can also be used as avatars by the community. Additionally, these avatars have a wide range of uses within Bitci City: you can enter private areas, socialize with other robots, play games, dance, have voice and video calls, and participate in many other events simulating real life.

Actually, one of the best features is that Bitci City opens its doors not only to its holders but to everyone. Holders, on the other hand, stand out with VIP privileges in this city and can access opportunities in different areas depending on the accessories they have.

Emerging with the principle of providing benefits to its users, Bitci Bots has created a completely unique ecosystem. The project, which will be sold in the upcoming NFT marketplace and launchpad of Bitci NFT, is generating extra excitement due to its wide range of use cases. Additionally, the benefits of the project are not limited to the NFT and metaverse space alone; holders also receive some benefits on the globally recognized Bitci Exchange. Among these benefits, holders with certain accessories enjoy a 0% commission fee on the exchange, and all NFT holders have various airdrop opportunities. The extensive usability and sustainability make Bitci Bots truly unique. We can expect to see them quite often in the future.