Turkey’s First Local Meme Coin was Produced on Bitcichain

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Bitci Exchange continues its commitment to providing users with a wide range of products by continuing its innovations in the cryptocurrency world. Recently, Bitci Exchange, which offered the Spol Token for presale, is now listing AlienB Token, Turkey’s first domestic Meme Token project.

Bitci, one of Turkey’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, sees AlienB Token as a project aimed at growing and developing with the support of the community. It is expected that this digital asset will determine the direction of the crypto ecosystem not through the development of a specific and small team, but through community management and decisions.

AlienB Token will be listed as of October 16 at 15:00. AlienB Token, offered in two forms, locked and unlocked, saw both locked and unlocked presales completed within seconds due to high demand. While the locked sale price was set at 0.00009 TRY, the unlocked sale was offered at 0.00012 TRY. A total of 20 billion AlienB Tokens will be produced, with only 25% of the lock being opened during the listing process in the locked sale phase, and 100% being opened during the unlocked sale phase.