Bitcichain Emerges as the Most Utilized Native Blockchain!

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Bitcichain, developed by Bitci Exchange, has become the most utilized native blockchain according to recent updates. Offering a fast and reliable transaction experience, Bitcichain has surpassed its competitors by 20 times in terms of wallet count.

Bitci, Turkey’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange, continues to achieve significant milestones in the cryptocurrency sector. Bitcichain, developed by Bitci Exchange, has become the most utilized native blockchain with 632,524 users following the recent updates. Enabling users to transact faster and more securely, Bitcichain boasts 20 times more users in terms of wallet count compared to its closest native blockchain counterpart. Noteworthy for its success in terms of user count, Bitcichain also provides access to international exchanges, cryptocurrency storage, and transfer systems, in addition to its fast and reliable transaction services.

Continuing to offer its users advantages for swift and secure transactions, Bitcichain’s success underscores its contribution to Turkey’s cryptocurrency ecosystem once again. With its user-friendly interface and reliable infrastructure, Bitcichain generates added value to blockchain technologies both locally and globally.

Through ongoing updates on Bitcichain, Bitci aims to provide its users with an enhanced experience. The significant achievement of Bitcichain, appreciating through token projects built on its blockchain, further highlights Turkey’s potential in native cryptocurrency technologies.

About Bitci:

Operating in the buying, selling, transferring, and storing of cryptocurrencies since 2018, Bitci, Turkey’s most successful launchpad platform, ranks as Turkey’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange according to CoinGecko data. Moreover, according to CoinGecko data, the platform increased its market share from 0.9% in 2022 to 12% in 2023, supporting its claim as “Turkey’s fastest-growing digital asset platform” with concrete data. Additionally, as the first blockchain network with exchange integration in Turkey, BitciChain facilitates the adoption of blockchain by companies and institutions. Contributing tangibly to the development of cryptocurrency markets with products like Bitcicoin and Global Fan Token, Bitci also continues to increase its support in the sports sector, notably as the main sponsor of the Turkish Basketball Federation National Teams.